Gel Prints

I’ve mentioned in some blog posts that I have had problems with my foot that stopped me standing at the press. In an attempt to stay active I tried making some ‘gel prints’. Gel printing uses a synthetic gelatin plate to which paints or inks are applied. They can be drawn into or otherwise textured. Paint can be applied with rollers or brushes using stencils or masks. The process lends itself to multiple layers enabling the production of complex prints without the need for a press. Because the process is so quick, it is very easy to get carried away and produce masses and masses of colourful pages, but as with any printing process the application of some care and forethought shows the range of images that can be produced. Even the less thoughtful prints can be repurposed for collage or used as covers for journals, sketchbooks and notebooks.

Some of these are now available in my Folksy shop. If you can’t see the one you want please get in touch.


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