Around Avebury

Around Avebury is a set of five mixed media pieces made by hand embellishing some small monoprints with oil pastel. They have all been framed in substantial hand made oak frames to a consistent size.

Images are about 6″ x 4″ (150mm x 100mm) and they are framed to about 13″ x 9.75″ (330mm x 250mm). The moulding is about .75″ (20mm) wide. The second picture is of the framed version. It has a slight pinkish cast not present in the original

Available now at £130.00 each plus shipping. Pay by Paypal, or if you prefer I can list them in my Etsy shop.

around avebury 1
Around Avebury I
around avebury I frame
Around Avebury I in oak frame
around avebury II
Around Avebury II
around avebury III
Around Avebury III
around avebury IV
Around Avebury IV
around avebury V
Around Avebury V

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